Question 8

What do I do Once my Offer has been Accepted?

If you’ve had your offer accepted, congratulations! After this, you’ll need to complete any sale paperwork and pay a standard 10% deposit, unless another amount has been agreed.

Your legal representative will need to be provided with a copy of the signed Section 32 and Contract of Sale, so they can check the paperwork for you. You will also need to contact your lender so they can complete any mortgage documents.

Closer to the settlement date, you can arrange for a pre-settlement inspection to be carried out. This is a useful opportunity to look around the property and ensure it’s in the same condition as when you made the original offer.

To save you time, here’s the main process in checklist form:

1) Provide your legal representative with documentation

2) Finalise your mortgage documents and send them to your lender

3) Organise transfer of rates, water, and other utilities

4) Redirect your mail

5) Arrange any required removals

6) Organise home and contents insurance

7) Redirect your mail

8) Pick up your new keys