Our Comprehensive Service

We understand how stressful selling a home can be. That is why our experienced team will do everything they can to make it both an enjoyable and exciting experience.

At Arbee Real Estate, we are here to support you every step of the way – both as a business and as individuals. Our team members are experts in their fields and place a primary focus on delivering a high-quality service that is honest, reliable, and affordable. Above all else, your satisfaction throughout the sales process is our number one priority.

The Arbee Way

Haven’t sold a property before, or not for a very long time? That’s OK. It’s our job to guide you through the process and ensure your kept informed and in control at all times.

We understand that everyone is individual so we tailor a plan to best suit your personal requirements. For Vendors, we do this with our Customer Service Menu. The detailed questionnaire enables us to work out how you like to be serviced, your preferred form of communication, the best person to speak to regarding different matters, frequency of contact and more. This way, we ensure we meet or exceed your expectations every time.

No One knows your home like you do.

When it comes to pricing your home and marketing it for sale, a lot more goes into the process than professional photos and floorplans. In order to ensure you achieve the best possible price for your property, we need to understand all of the hidden value within your home.

There are often many features a home has that is not immediately obvious to a potential buyer and by us understanding what these items are, we can promote to potential purchasers and help demonstrate the value contained in your home and make it stand out from other properties they are considering. Examples of hidden value could be:

- Slab heating
- Insulation
- Solar panels
- Alarm systems
- Attic storage
- Irrigation systems
- Water points for a fridge
- Gas points for a BBQ
- Outdoor lighting systems
- Great neighbours

It could even be as simple as knowing that the dining area is a beautiful place to have a coffee in the morning as the sun light streams in.

By understanding your home as well as you do, it helps to ensure we can achieve the best price possible and maximise your outcome.

Recently Sold Properties

Understanding Price

Determining the correct price for your property is imperative if you are wanting to maximise your sale price.

It is well proven that the longer your property is on the market, the less the market expect to pay for it.

There are many instances where a property has gone on the market too high and ends up selling for less than it was worth, due to the time it took to sell and the perception that there must be something wrong with it.

At Arbee Real Estate, our Sales Professionals will provide you with a Comprehensive Property Report when assessing the market value of your home. The report shows similar homes that have sold in the area, properties that are currently on the market that you will be competing with, market trends and an estimate of what we believe your property can achieve in the current market.

By providing the detailed report, you can clearly see evidence of how we have come to the price estimate and ensure that we have provided an accurate figure for your home.


Marketing is an extremely important part of the process if you want to ensure that you have achieved the highest possible price for your home. Some agents will boast about being able to ‘sell a secret’, but why would you? How will you ever know that someone would not have been prepared to pay more if you haven’t put the property in front of the target market?

Our comprehensive marketing options help ensure you get the maximum amount of coverage with the most cost-effective level of investment.

The marketing schedule is clearly explained and is broken down so that you can see the exact investment required for each item.

In general, your home is your biggest asset and the money you make from the sale of your principal place of residence is tax free. We aim to ensure that you maximise the return and that you can be confident that no money is left on the table.


At Arbee Real Estate, we aim to work ‘with’ you throughout the process and not ‘at’ you.

We want to ensure that you feel in control throughout the process but without the stress and workload.

We value your input and are more than happy for you to approve the write-up, photos, floorplan and any other items, prior to going live. It is your home and you need to be as excited about the process as we are.

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The Road to SOLD

The Road to Sold is another document we will go through with you to explain what to expect at each step of the process. This explains what will happen at each step from the appraisal stage, through to listing, marketing, negotiating, pre-settlement and post-settlement.

Even though we do this every day, we understand that you don’t. We won’t rush you through the process, we aim to keep you fully informed at every stage.

Where to from here?

For an obligation free appraisal, call the friendly Team at Arbee Real Estate on 5367 2333 or email [email protected]