Question 6

How Much Notice Should I Give Before Vacating?

The sooner the better is the general policy for giving notice on property. If you are looking to vacate, please give us written notice stating the date you will be moving, as well as any additional information you deem relevant. Here are the specific rules for each type of tenancy:

Ending a fixed term

If you are vacating at the end of a fixed term lease, we need at least twenty-eight (28) days’ notice in writing. Your notice period will begin on the day we receive the notice, not when you post it.

Ending a non-fixed (periodic) term

If you’re vacating at the end of a non-fixed term lease, we also need at least twenty-eight (28) days’ notice in writing.

For this, your notice period also starts when we receive your written notice, not when you send it.

Breaking a fixed term

We understand sometimes fixed term leases cannot be fulfilled. If you would like to leave during a fixed term lease before the term is up, we require your notice in writing. We are unable to accept your notice verbally.

When breaking a fixed term lease, the following costs apply:

1) Rent until a landlord-approved tenant takes possession, or the lease expires (whichever occurs first).

2) Reletting fees and advertising costs to re-let the premises. This is payable pro-rata depending on how much of the lease remains when a new tenant is secured.

3) Should the property be vacant for a period before the new tenant moves in, it’s also your responsibility to ensure the premise grounds remain watered and maintained.