Question 4

How do I organise the service connections if I’m approved for the property?

It is a tenant responsibility to ensure the power, gas, phone, internet, water etc have been connected into your name. You will also be required to get your water supply connected into your name.

Can You Get Me Connected on My Behalf?

We would be happy to help. If you have indicated on your application form that you would like us to setup your connections for you, we will endeavour to do so as soon as possible. It is part of our property management service and is 100% free.  We work with Connectnow and they can organise all of your connections with one phone call.  Contact the Property Management Team at [email protected] for more information.

Should you want to connect the services yourself:

Power and Gas

AGL (Gas or Electricity) 13 3000
TRU (Gas or Electricity) 13 3466
Origin (Gas or Electricity)                    13 2461

Telephone and Internet

(also has e-cards to notify change of address
13 22 00
Optus 13 33 45
AAPT 13 88 88