Company Policy and Charges

Our Mission Statement

At Arbee Real Estate (Vic) Pty. Ltd our Asset Management Division has grown rapidly in recent years due to the experience and professional services offered to our clients. We provide Landlords, investors and tenants with an efficient service conforming to the complexities of today’s laws.

The following outlines some of the services we offer and associated fees and charges.

Our Policy with Letting of Properties: We do our utmost to find a suitable tenant for your property, including checking of references and tenancy databases such as The National Tenancy Database (NTD) and TICA. Please note we prefer to leave a property vacant rather than take risks with possible bad tenants as a bad tenant can cost a lot of money in damage and devaluation of a property and lost rent.

How is Rental paid to the Owner? We prepare and forward to you a detailed Rental Statement for your property. The statement will detail the rent period, rent collected, management fees and any disbursements made on your behalf. Your money will then be electronically deposited to your nominated account. These statements are forwarded either fortnightly or monthly as requested. Copies of Tax Invoices relating to repairs will be attached.

Routine Inspections: These are conducted on a regular basis. We inspect after the first 3 months and then every six months after, as allowed by the Residential Tenancies Act. A comprehensive report is then forwarded to the owner with any issues or recommendations. Should you wish to attend these inspections you will need to advise us of your specific instructions. A copy of our Routine Inspection report is attached to show you format and content.

Repairs: We have a wide range of trades people, and if authorised, we can arrange for repairs to be carried out (naturally only at the owners request) and pay tradespeople out of the rental. For major repairs our first option would be to obtain quotations. All repairs must be attended to within time frames set by the Residential Tenancies Act. The time allowed for non urgent repairs is 14 days and all urgent repairs must be addressed immediately. Should there be a delay because we are waiting for parts etc. and the delay is beyond our control then this can alter the time frame allowed.

Keys: Please ensure you provide us with 3 full sets of keys, 2 sets for tenant and 1 set to be held by the Agent for inspections, maintenance and emergencies Council & Water Rates: Authorities should be advised of your forwarding address so that notices do not go astray. If you would like these accounts paid via the rent collected please organise with the necessary authorities to have the accounts directed to this office. Tenants pay for water usage. Please provide us with Western Water Account number to be passed on so the TENANTS WILL BE CHARGED. Other associated accounts can also be redirected to this office for payment including body corporate fees, insurances etc.

Annual Financial Statement: We will send you a complimentary complete statement of all transactions for the financial year.

Is your property fitted with smoke detectors? Effective 1 st February 1999, all properties must be fitted with smoke detectors. We have a company Smoke Alarms Australia who will attend your property annually for $99.00 incl GST and ensure that your smoke alarms are all compliant and provide a compliance certificate for you as well.

Our Fees and Charges are as follow

Management Fee 7.7%
Letting Fee 1.65 weeks Rent
Re- Letting Fee (To Existing Tenant) $80.00
Administration Fee $1.10
For Lease Board (optional) $50.00
National Tenancies Database and TICA database $20.00
Residential Tenancies Tribunal fees (VCAT at Cost)
Making Application to VCAT (incl Registered Post) $70.00
Serve Notice of Tenant (incl Registered Post) $5.50
Attendance at Tribunal and Preparation $85.00
Warrant of Possession $110.00
Attendance at Warrant of Possession $50.00

All fees are subject to change, are GST inclusive (unless stated otherwise) and are tax deductible.

Management fees: Our competitive fee is 7.7% of the rental (this includes GST). For example if the weekly rental is $150.00 per week, collection fee is $10.50 per week plus the GST of $1.05 making the total $11.55 per week. There is also a statement fee applicable each time a payment is made to an owner. This fee is $1.10 including GST and covers costs such as time and costs involved in preparing and printing your statement and also the costs incurred to transfer money to your account.

Letting Fees: The charge for the letting of a property is an amount which is equivalent to 1.65 weeks rent (this includes GST). This covers the cost of advertising photographs, internet advertising, window display, rental lists and finding a new tenant, tenancy database checks on two databases, preparing the required leases, preparing a room by room Condition Report of the property with photos, lodgement of the bond with the RTBA and providing the tenant with the appropriate “Tenants Rights & Duties” booklet which is required by law and other information as needed.

Residential Tenancies Tribunal (VCAT) Attendance: Our Agency has a great rapport with VCAT so you can rest assure that if there was a Dispute between Landlords and tenants it would be handled with professionalism and diplomacy, most can be resolved expediently.

Many disputes arise over rent increases, repairs and rental bonds.

The Asset Manager acts as mediator in discussions between the landlord and tenant. If all avenues are exhausted, and the parties have been unable to agree, it may be necessary to apply for a Residential Tenancies (VCAT) Hearing. The tribunal is an independent third party which will hear the dispute and make a decision on the matter. We, as your agents can represent you at the hearing, preparing the case from start to finish.

Preparation may include obtaining quotes and taking photos of the property or researching rental market comparisons in the case of disputes over rental amounts. The findings of the tribunal are final and may not always be to your satisfaction, so it is almost always beneficial to try and resolve the problem in its early stages. In the event that attendance at the Residential Tenancies Tribunal is required, fees above will be applicable and borne by the landlord.