Question 8

Can I Have Pets?

Yes, if the landlord has granted you permission. If you have received permission, the following conditions apply for the duration of your tenancy:

1) The yard must be kept clean from any animal faeces

2) Any rubbish scattered by the pet must be cleared

3) Any fleas present as the result of your pet will need to be dealt with by fumigation at your own cost

4) Your pet must be kept outside of the residence

5) Any damages caused by the pet must be fixed

6) Any damages caused to the garden must be repaired

7) No additional pets shall be kept, outside of those approved by the landlord

8) No temporary pets or pet-sitting will be allowed

9) Food and water will not be left outside where it could attract other insects and animals

10) All local council and by-laws must be abided by

11) The pet will not cause unnecessary noise to neighbours, day or night.