To ensure the property remains in the high standard you received it in, we conduct routine inspections every six (6) months. The first routine inspection, however, will be conducted three (3) months after you move in.

During the inspection, we’ll check for any required repairs and make recommendations for maintenance to the owner. We may need to take photos of required repairs, but we’ll never take photos of your possessions.

Here’s what we check for during our inspections:

Inside the property:

  1. Walls and light switches are free from marks
  2. Carpets are clean and stain-free
  3. Windows are clean
  4. Kitchen area is clean, as well as stove top
  5. Shower, bathroom, toilet, and laundry areas are all clean
  6. All rooms are unlocked and fully accessible

Outside the property:

  1. Lawns are freshly cut and maintained
  2. Garden areas are tidy and free of weeds
  3. Rubbish and lawn clippings are removed
  4. No unregistered vehicles are on the property
  5. Oil stains from carports are removed
  6. All areas, including garages and store rooms, are fully accessible
  7. Any swimming pools and spa areas are clean

If you have an approved pet:

  1. Any droppings are picked up and removed
  2. Any pet damage is cleaned and/or repaired

Please note: all dogs should be properly restrained for the inspection.