A new era of real estate websites

At Arbee Real Estate Professionals we have just launched what we believe is a revolution in real estate websites.  We have created a hub for people to visit where they can receive the answers to the most commonly asked real estate questions with no strings attached.  Nothing is off-limits and we even list our commission rates, management fees etc.  Research has clearly shown that consumers want access to accurate, relevant information and that it must be available in a timely manner. The new website at www.arbeerealestate.com.au enables the viewer to do as much homework as they like, in a convenient & easy to understand format & at a time that suits them.

Not only will you find a comprehensive question & answer section you will also find more detailed information on the properties we have than you can find on the major portals such as realestate.com.au.  On the Arbee website you will have 24/7 access to detailed information on properties such as potential rental returns, proximity to local amenities, information designed specifically for investors & even copies of Section 32’s.

The market has spoken loud & clear about what is expected from a real estate website & Arbee Real Estate Professionals has listened & taken action.  Please take the time to navigate your way through our new site & if you have questions that have not yet been answered or would like a chat with one of our local experts, please feel free to contact us.