Have you visited your local park lately?

grassBacchus Marsh residents are being encouraged to head outdoors and connect with nature during Parks Week 2015.

Held from Monday 9 March to Sunday 15 March 2015, Parks Week is an annual celebration that highlights the important role our parks play in keeping our community healthy.

While we may take them for granted sometimes, parks are in integral part of any neighbourhood and they help promote healthy activities, as well as providing a great venue for friends and families to get together and catch up.

They also look good too, and we’re sure that many Bacchus Marsh residents would choose to live in an area that is surrounded by parks and green spaces, over one that isn’t.

Our local council and volunteers do a lot to help maintain our local parks and keep them healthy for us all to enjoy, so as a thank you to them we should make the most of them by using them and by treating them with respect.

If you haven’t made use of your local park for a while then why not head outside during Parks Week and discover what nature has to offer on our doorstep?

Do you have a favourite park in Bacchus Marsh? Will you be heading there during Parks Week?