How to bring your lawn back to life

grassDuring the winter we tend to take our lawns for granted, but now that it’s spring it’s time to bring them back to life with a few simple tips:

1. Rake it up – Rake up any leaves, dead grass or other debris from your lawn. Your lawn may look bare at first but it will help let air and water into your lawn’s roots, which will ultimately help it grow.

2. Mow – Lawns should be mowed regularly to help keep them thick and healthy. Throughout the year, grass should be left about an inch high. During summer this should be reduced to about half an inch.

3. Dig out weeds – Completely remove weeds from the roots to stop them from suffocating your healthy grass. If you have a lot of weeds you can use targeted weed-killing products.

4. Feed it – Feeding your lawn with spring fertilisers will help it to resist weeds and improve growth.

5. Water it – In general, lawns should be kept well watered, particularly in warmer weather. To ensure your lawns get a good drink, water them in the evening or early in the morning.

6. Lay new turf – If you decide to lay turf then make sure to lay it down right away, as it will not keep. Once it’s been laid it’s important to keep it watered and not to walk on it until it’s firmly rooted into the ground. Don’t cut turf grass until it reaches about 4cm tall.

If all else fails and your lawn still isn’t looking it’s best then you can also hire a local lawn care expert or you can head to your local gardening store for more tips and advice.

How is your Bacchus Marsh lawn looking this spring? Does it need to be brought back to life?