4 signs it’s time to sell up and move on

house keySelling your home is a big decision, but sometimes there are good reasons to pack up and move on.

While everyone has their own personal reasons for selling, if you think any of the below apply to you then it could be time to find somewhere new.

1 – Your family situation is changing

If there’s a new family member on the way, or your kids are starting to outgrow your current abode, then it could be worth looking into finding a bigger home. Similarly, if the kids have all just moved out of home then you might find that you have too much space and want to downsize and use the extra money for other ventures.

2 – You don’t get along with your neighbours

If you constantly find yourself in neighbourhood disputes then your health, and possibly your safety, might benefit from a move. In Bacchus Marsh, most neighbourhoods are very friendly by unfortunately sometimes people just don’t get along. If you’re in a situation where you’re regularly arguing or calling the police over neighbourhood disagreements then it might be easier to cut your losses and find somewhere more peaceful to live.

3 – Your home requires too much maintenance

If you’re struggling to keep your garden under control or have so many rooms that you can never seem to keep up with the vacuuming then it might be worth finding somewhere a little more manageable. Maybe you would be better off living in an apartment or a unit where there is no garden and only a couple of rooms to clean?

4 – You home is in urgent need of renovations

If your property is in desperate need of repairs or renovations and you don’t want to foot the bill, or just don’t want to deal with it, then selling could be an option for you. Renovations aren’t for everyone but there are always plenty of buyers out there who would be happy to take on your renovation challenges.

There are many other reasons why it might be a good time to sell, and ultimately the only person who really knows when it’s the right time is you.

If you are interested in selling or would like any individual advice regarding your property then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at Professionals Arbee Real Estate.