Celebrating Easter without the chocolate

EasterIt’s hard to imagine Easter without a couple of chocolate Easter eggs, but sometimes we can end up with chocolate overload!

So to help everyone in Bacchus Marsh who wants to celebrate Easter sans chocolate this year, we thought we would provide some chocolate-free ideas:

Start with an Easter basket

Any type of gift you choose to give your kids or friends will have Easter flair if it’s delivered in an Easter basket. You could fill the basket with all types of things, from muesli bars and fruit, to toys or hand-painted real eggs.

Create a different kind of hunt

One of the favourite parts of Easter for kids is the Easter egg hunt. Instead of using chocolate eggs in your hunt, try using plastic eggs with a treat inside, or perhaps puzzle pieces or another toy or treat that your kids would enjoy.

Tell the kids that the Easter bunny prefers carrots

Why would the Easter bunny eat chocolate when his favourite food is carrots? Enjoy all of the types of foods that the Easter bunny might like, such as carrots and other vegetables, instead of chocolate.

Overall it doesn’t matter which way you choose to celebrate Easter, what really matters is that everyone in Bacchus Marsh enjoys the break and spends some quality time with the people they love.

Our team at Professionals Arbee Real Estate would love to hear how you celebrate Easter in Bacchus Marsh, so let us know by leaving a comment.