Bacchus Marsh NBN Rollout Almost Complete

Bacchus marsh nbnMany homes in Bacchus Marsh now have access to the National Broadband Network (NBN), and by the end of the year it will be available to everyone in town.

Before the NBN rollout is finished however, Bacchus Marsh residents are being told to make sure they are ready and have switched over from the old copper network that is about to get switched off.

The NBN Co has announced that it will be cutting off the old copper network on October 5, by which date everyone will be connected to the new NBN network.

What this means for everyone in Bacchus Marsh, is that we all need to get in touch with our telephone provider and ensure that we have an appropriate NBN telephone and internet plan in place.

Bacchus Marsh businesses also need to ensure that they have the correct connections on their EFTPOS and fax lines.

Those who haven’t made the switchover to the NBN should do so as soon as they can, to make sure that they are still connected when October 5 rolls around.

Are you connected to the NBN yet? If so, have you noticed improvements in your internet speeds?