New Bacchus Marsh Facebook Page Helps Community Have a Say

Bacchus Marsh Facebook pageA new Bacchus Marsh Facebook page has been created to help the local community express their views on what is happening in the Bacchus Marsh area.

The page is called Bacchus Marsh Community Participation and it is a new resident’s association aimed at getting the views of local community members and then taking these to the Council and to other levels of government where they can be heard.

The more people that join the page, the more power it will have to make changes and to get a true idea of the issues that matter in Bacchus Marsh.

For those who would rather listen then be heard, the page is also a great spot for receiving local community news and updates for Bacchus Marsh.

I highly encourage everyone who cares about what is going on in Bacchus Marsh to join the page and to bring your voice to it.

You can find the Facebook page at

Don’t forget that you can also have your say on Council issues at