Bacchus Marsh Road Plans Announced

bacchus marsh roadAfter years of discussion and debate, a final decision has finally been made regarding road and transport plans for Bacchus Marsh.

The unpopular plan to build an eastern interchange in Bacchus Marsh has been officially scrapped, and instead Bacchus Marsh will have freeway ramps built at Halletts Way.

The new freeway ramps are part of a $30 million project that will also include upgrades to Woolpack Road and Hopetoun Park Road, and an exit ramp for the Western Freeway to Bacchus Marsh Road.

The new plans for Bacchus Marsh’s roads should help to improve traffic in the area, as well as road safety. Locals will also be happy to hear that the elm trees on memorial drive will not be touched.

Hopefully the new transport plans will be positive news for Bacchus Marsh. Community information sessions about the official road plans for Bacchus Marsh should be held later this year, so keep informed of local news to find out when the sessions will be taking place.

Are you happy about the revised transport plans for Bacchus Marsh?