Autumn Gardening Ideas

Autumn Gardening IdeasNow that it’s autumn a lot of people are starting to spend more times indoors to enjoy the cooler weather.

But it’s important that we don’t start neglecting our gardens in autumn, as there are plenty of beautiful flowers that flourish at this time of year and if we care for our gardens now they will be in excellent condition for when spring rolls around again.

  • Now is a great time to make new plants in your garden from cuttings. Find cuttings that you like and plant them in small pots with some potting mix. Keep them watered and away from strong winds and sun, and wait for them to grow.
  • Autumn is the best season for roses. There are plenty of beautiful colours to choose from so head to your local nursery and pick your favourites.
  • If there are any sick or struggling plants in your garden then get rid of them because they are unlikely to survive through the cooler months.
  • Continue to mow the lawn, but don’t cut it too short as longer grass can absorb more of the sunlight on shorter autumn and winter days.
  • If your lawn is looking a little bare, try bringing it back to life now by adding some lawn food.
  • With ANZAC Day coming up, you might like to start a new tradition of planting poppies in your garden.
  • Rake up fallen autumn leaves and place them in a compost bin. While the romance of fallen autumn leaves can look nice for a little while, if they build up over time they will kill the grass underneath and become a big mess.
  • Give your garden a general tidy and pack away toys or outdoor equipment that you don’t think will get much use over the cooler months.
  • Trim hedges for the last time in autumn. Cut back as far as you can without creating any holes, as this are unlikely to grow back over winter.
  • Plan now for spring. Autumn and winter are a great time to start thinking about how you want your garden to look when spring comes around again, and it is normally easier to get landscapers in, as they aren’t so busy. If you plant now you will have a beautiful garden ready for spring.

If you know of any more autumn gardening ideas then please feel free to leave a comment below, and don’t forget to keep following I Love Bacchus Marsh for more tips and ideas for your home and garden.