Moving in Bad Weather

moving in bad weatherUnfortunately it doesn’t matter how much we plan ahead for our moving day, there are always things that can go wrong – particularly the weather!

Heavy rain and hot, sweltering days can both create challenges on moving day, so here are some tips that will hopefully help weather the storm.

Protect yourself from the sun

While most people would prefer to move on a sunny day, it can be a problem if temperatures are too high. Be mindful of exhaustion on hot days and have plenty of water available for everyone involved in the move. It’s also a good idea to take regular rest breaks and cover up if outside. Try to stay out of the direct sun as much as you can as well.

Don’t Get Drenched

Moving during light rain is generally not an issue but heavy rain can cause problems. If you have the luxury, it might be a good idea to postpone the move for the next day (and hope that the rain stops) but if not then you will have to do what you can to keep all of your furniture and belongings dry.  To do this it is best to place the moving truck as close to the house as possible and to find a way to cover furniture and boxes.

Another concern is keeping the inside of the house from becoming a muddy mess. Old sheets and towels are a good option for protecting floors as they don’t slip around or rip as easily as plastic. Another idea is to have separate people working inside and outside and passing things between them so that muddy feet don’t end up inside the house.

If you have hired professional movers they should be able to advise you rain, hail or shine on what your best moving options are in bad weather. If you are concerned about things going wrong during your move, don’t forget you can take out moving insurance, which is designed specifically for moving items from one place to another.

If you have any more tips for moving in bad weather, or perhaps some moving in bad weather stories, then please feel free to share.