Create a kids’ paradise indoors

kids bedroom 2We all know that the first 5 years of a child’s life are incredibly important for their development and school readiness.  We also know that children love to play.  So when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom for our Bacchus Marsh youngsters it’s important to think a little like a child and let your imagination run wild.  Having walked through many houses, and watched all the reality TV renovation shows, we’ve come up with some tips you might like to consider to liven up your kids’ rooms, and make them a place your children love to be.

  • Bright colours are an obvious choice for children.  Rather than using one bright block colour on the walls, consider choosing 3 or 4 colours and providing the splashes of colour through furniture, bedding and curtains.
  • Children’s artwork makes wonderful wall art.  You can either hang their kinder paintings, or purchase some cheap canvas and let your little one go wild with an afternoon finger painting session.
  • If you own your own home, chalkboard paint can work a treat in children’s bedrooms.  Young ones can draw pictures, while it’s the perfect place for you to leave your older child a little reminder.
  • Graphics are also a great wall decoration for kids’ rooms, with many opting for decorated alphabets to inspire early literacy.  These can look great, and don’t need to permanently mark your walls.  There are many peel-off versions of the sticker (which are perfect for rental homes).
  • Rather than sticking with the same old light fixtures you have in the rest of the rooms, why not jazz up your little one’s room with some fun lighting.  Little girls love fairy lights, and little boys will rarely knock back a fancy rocket or superhero themed lamp.
  • Oversized toy boxes and hanging toy bags can make great decorations, as well keeping all the matchbox cars and Barbie dolls off the floor.

When you’re planning updates to your child’s room, use your imagination.  Keep things as light and fun as possible, and let your children contribute as much as possible with their creative mind and artistic ability.