Are you protected?

dog with wagging tailWith the weather warming up, conversations at this time of the year usually revolve around getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.  Unfortunately, this can come at a cost if you’re not prepared.  It’s a pretty well known fact that snakes, ticks and fleas all thrive in warmer conditions, making this the time of year you need to be particularly vigilant when protecting yourself, your family and of course your beautiful pets.

We know our wonderful Bacchus Marsh vets are brilliant at looking after our animals when they get sick or are bitten by nasty little critters, and as animal lovers we are so very grateful to them for always being their in our pets’ times of need.   But of course prevention is always easier than the cure, and at times far less costly, so we thought we’d post a few tips for keeping your family and pets free form any nasty invaders this snake, tick and flea season.

  • Mow your lawns and trim back trees and shrubs to keep your yard as clear as possible.  This won’t necessarily scare away snakes, but it will certainly help you to spot them before it’s too late.
  • Keep your garden tidy of leaves, cuttings, rubbish and toys.  If you have a cubby house or shed, make sure you keep them tidy.
  • Understand that water attracts snakes, so beware of ponds, pools, and your pet’s water bowls as potential attractions.
  • When walking your dog along trails, be wary of long grass and always walk you dog in the centre of the pathway away from the grasses.
  • Use fleas and tick control to make sure your family pets aren’t susceptible, even if a neighbours animal does bring them into your neighbourhood.

It’s really important to use that all our Bacchus Marsh families and pets stay safe this spring/summer season, so please maintain your yards and keep a look out for unwanted intruders in your yard or in our lovely Bacchus Marsh walking areas.