Add value to your home on a budget

Australian MoneyWhether you want to add value to your home, or simply want to make your hoe more appealing for your own sake, you’ll need to consider making some changes.  If a complete bathroom/kitchen renovation is out of the question on your budget, try these tips for instantly bringing your home back to life, without spending a fortune.

  • Out with the old.  If your home is looking tired and drab, it’s probably because of what’s in it, rather than the property itself.  Getting rid of the dated furnishings, chipped lamps and stained rugs will instantly give your home a lift, without spending a cent.  In fact you can make money by selling some of your used goods on eBay, or you might prefer to donate the items that are still in good condition.
  • A spring clean will help to freshen up what’s left.  You’d be surprised the revival a house will have after it’s been scrubbed, polished and tidied.  Sparkling mirrors, windows clear of dirt and fingerprints, unmarked walls, and floors than shine will all add instant appeal.  You’ll also be surprised by how much extra space you have in your home by doing a good clean out and clean up.
  • If your light fittings are stuck in the dark ages, an update is definitely in order.  Without breaking the bank you can easily modernise your light fittings, giving each room a touch of class.
  • Your lounge suite often sets the tone of your living area, and can let the whole room down if it’s in bad condition.  If you can’t afford a whole new lounge suite, why not reupholster the old one?  Don’t forget, dressings like throw rugs and cushions can also add colour and life without much expense at all.
  • A fresh coat of paint costs very little, but can add life by providing a cleaner look and a more neutral or fashionable colour.
  • Once you’ve created space and modernised what’s remaining, there’s one more thing to consider.  It’s easy to get comfortable with window dressings, and consequently they are often the last of the furnishings to be updated.  Yet, fresh and modern looking window dressings need not cost a lot of money, can usually be installed for you with minimal fuss, and can take a room from zero to hero.

It’s always easier to see the problems with other people’s houses, but lose perspective when it comes to your own.  Try to take a step back, or ask an honest friend whose opinion you trust, and think about the small changes you could make to update your home without dipping too far into your savings.