How do you celebrate Easter in Bacchus Marsh?

EasterThis year it seems Easter will be coming earlier than usual, with Easter Sunday falling on March 31.  With less than a month to prepare, we thought we’d give Bacchus Marsh residents a helping hand and share a few fun Easter ideas.

Blowing & Decorating Eggs – This is a great idea for people who like to do craft or are looking for a fun activity to do with their children.  Simply pierce both ends of an egg, and use a skewer to widen the holes enough so that when you blow into one side of the egg, the contents will come out the other side.  Expect a few egg casualties to break along the way and not make it to the decoration stage.  You may choose to dye your eggs, or use paints, stickers and decorations to give the eggs new life and make them look fantastic.

But what can you do with all these gorgeous Easter Eggs?

Easter Egg Pinata – As a follow-up to your blown egg idea, why not fill the blown eggs with mini m&m’s and seal them up as an Easter gift.  Your friends/children will love finding the chocolate goodies inside when they crack the shell!

Easter Tree – Well we’ve all heard of Christmas trees at Christmas time, so why not let the leafy tradition continue into Easter?   All you need is a bare branch which you can spray paint white (or any other colour you wish), place it in a small pot/tin with a foam block to fit (you may need to use sand to keep it in place), and decorate your tree with your beautifully decorated blown eggs.  This makes for a fantastic centre piece when hosting Easter lunch.

Let us know your Easter traditions.  What does your family do to celebrate Easter in Bacchus Marsh?