How will you spend this Valentine’s Day in Bacchus Marsh?

Heart with dogOh yes, the romance of Saint Valentine’s Day is almost upon us!  We’ve been speaking with many Bacchus Marsh real estate owners and renters, and it seems there is a split between those who love to be wined and dined on February 14, those who deliberately ignore the whole day believing it’s all a money-making scheme for florists and chocolatiers, and a few singles who claim to spend as little time out in public as possible in a bid to avoid fixing their gaze on happy Bacchus Marsh couples and their public displays of affection.

Whether you love or loathe St Valentines’ Day, we have a few tips for those with partners who may be in a spot of trouble if they don’t at least look like they’ve tried.

  • If weather permits, a picnic in the park can be very romantic.  Naturally you should prepare the picnic basket rather than leaving it up to our partner.  Cheese, dips and crackers will usually bode well if they can be kept cold, or you can be far more extravagant and prepare a full meal if your heart desires.  This is a great option for new couples, especially those trying to impress.
  • If you think planning a picnic is too much pressure, a romantic meal at a restaurant is also likely to win over any heart.  Just remember, you may need to book ahead as you won’t be alone with this idea.
  • While most people who celebrate Valentine’s Day tend to buy gifts of chocolates, flowers, or jewellery, we’ve also heard of people making their own heartfelt gifts or creating collages of photographs to surprise their loved ones with.
  • In our opinion, nothing beats a great card.  Whether you’re into humour or sentiment, there’s usually a card to suit every relationship.  But don’t leave it to Hallmark to tell your Valentine how you feel… this is your chance to express how you feel – use it wisely!
  • If a card just isn’t enough for you, but your wallet won’t allow for a skywriter, you may want to place a notice in the local newspaper.  Depending on the size of your ad these can be quite costly, but will no doubt be well worth it if your Valentine appreciates your public declaration of love.

Let us know how you will be spending this Valentine’s Day; will you be out celebrating with a loved one, sending a dozen red roses to your secret crush, or avoiding the big day completely?