Want to see 30-storeys built in just 15 days… Click here!

For anybody who has built a home in or around Bacchus Marsh, you no doubt have an appreciation for the lengthy process involved in real estate construction.  Aside from the various safety standards needing to be adhered to at every stage, there are various cosmetic changes and/or the fitting of luxury items that can compromise builders’ schedules, not to mention the time it takes to choose colour schemes, flooring, curtains, light fittings, and complete the interior decorating and garden landscaping once you’ve moved in.

When you consider that an average sized house in Bacchus Marsh can take around 6 months to complete, and then longer to furnish and landscape, we’re sure you’ll agree that the Chinese firm ‘The Broad Group’ are doing astonishing things!

The Broad Group amazed the world of real estate and construction last year by building a 16-storey residential block in a mere 5 days of work.  Well guess what… they’ve done it again!  This time, they have constructed a 30-storey, 17,000m2 hotel tower in just 15 days!

If that’s not enough to impress you, it may be worth mentioning that the hotel tower has been designed to withstand magnitude 9 earthquakes, and is believed to be five times more energy efficient than standard towers (in construction, materials used, and energy required to maintain and run the building).

Please take a look at this amazing time lapse video, and prepare to be blown away by what can be achieved with superior technology and organisation.