Wand To Know What’s Happening In Bacchus Marsh? Keep Reading…

With the beginning of 2013 now upon us, it seems like everything is already getting busier as we all head out to more social events, get caught up in school holiday fun, and try to make the most of every day with family and friends.

As it is a busy time, we thought we would provide some quick advice for those who are thinking about relocating to the Bacchus Marsh region and are looking for a place to find information, as well as those already owning or renting Bacchus Marsh real estate.

Of course you can always visit our ‘I Love Bacchus Marsh’ blog, but for the latest news on community developments, roadworks and any other information that may affect you, it is best to visit the Moorabool Shire Council website.  Their weekly news page offers all the information you will require, including emergency contacts, weather warnings, community news, and positions vacant.

Furthermore, Moorabool Matters is a newsletter provided by the Moorabool Shire Council, delivered to your letterbox if you reside in Bacchus Marsh.  The council welcome submissions from Bacchus Marsh residents, if there’s a community event or notice you’d like to notify residents about.

Stay informed and keep in touch with what’s going on in our Bacchus Marsh community.