Bacchus Marsh real estate owners and tenants, when did you last check your smoke alarms?

With temperatures soaring Australia-wide, there is no time like the present to ensure you have adequate smoke alarms in your Bacchus Marsh home. Many people don’t realise that smoke alarms should be tested monthly, and batteries should be replaced annually.  You also need to be aware that smoke alarms have a limited life-span, so checking them 12 times a year is crucial to the safety of your family and your home!

Smoke from a house fire is toxic; only early warnings can assist in giving your family vital time to escape a smoke filled room.  Also, when asleep you will not smell the smoke from a fire and the smoke will actually put you into a deeper sleep.  A smoke alarm can provide the early warning you need and is the critical first step in your home fire safety plan.

There are hard wired (connected to mains power with a battery back-up) or battery powered smoke alarms available.  There are models available for use in kitchens and caravans and for those with special needs such as the hearing impaired.  Models incorporating an emergency light are also available. A combination of photoelectric and ionisation alarms (hard wired and interconnected) should be installed.

So what are you waiting for? Check your smoke alarms now!