Paid Parking on the Cards for Bacchus Marsh Centre

The Moorabool Shire Council may soon be asking Bacchus Marsh residents to pay for parking in the town centre.

The paid parking spaces would be located at the vacant lot in Graham Street, which could possibly be turned into a ticketed parking bay.

According to a story in the Moorabool Weekly, local businesses are in support of the idea as they believe that it’s inevitable and something that will be needed in the long term to keep up with population growth.

Understandably though, a lot of local residents don’t seem to be as supportive of the suggestion, and it has been accused of being a revenue raiser. Some also question whether or not paid parking would affect whether or not people would want to visit the town centre if they had to pay for parking.

At this stage, the use of the Graham Street lot as a paid parking bay is still under investigation, but we’d be interested to hear more opinions on the matter – would you be happy to pay for parking in the town centre? If there was paid parking, would you still shop in Bacchus Marsh?