Keeping on Top of Your Household Chores

Do you mind a little bit of clutter around the home… or are you more of a neat freak?

For some of us, it can be hard finding the time to de-clutter, mow the lawn and do all those other things that need doing around the house.

But while a little bit of mess is ok, most of us feel better if we live in a clean and manageable environment, after-all – you will need to do those dishes sooner or later.

So here are some tips to help you keep on top of your home maintenance:

  • To help reduce clutter, throw something away every time you buy something new.
  • Regularly throw out expired products in the house. Get rid of all those half opened bottles at the back of the fridge that you’ll never use, and for the ladies make sure you throw out any old cosmetics too.
  • Assign different chores to different members of the household (this helps prevent arguments). If you make one person responsible for a task, you won’t have everyone in the house waiting for “somebody else to do it”.
  • Don’t procrastinate. It’s a lot easier to just get a task done so you don’t have to worry about it later. Also some chores around the home (for example taking out the garbage), will just get worse if you leave it too long.

It may all seem like too much but you’ll feel better in the long term for it… or if you simply can’t bear to do the cleaning yourself then there are always professional cleaning and organisation services.

What do you do to help keep on top of the household chores?