Could the Smell of Your Property Be Turning Off Buyers?

Have you been having problems selling your home? Is there a chance that it’s due to the smell?

If the home you’re selling has been left unoccupied for a little while, then it can start to emit unpleasant odours. These odours can be a particular problem in the winter months, as mould and dampness is more likely to build up.

The best way to make sure that your property isn’t prone to unpleasant aromas is to make sure that you air your property out from time to time (you might like to do this if you are living in your home and notice a problem too).

Open all the window and doors in your home on a sunny day, and let your property air out for as long as you can. If you live in your home, you might also like to practice opening windows and doors for at least a couple of hours everyday to help improve the air quality indoors.

If you’ve noticed that your property doesn’t smell great, and you haven’t got much time to air it out before an inspection, it might be a good idea to light up a mildly scented candle to help improve the smell. Just make sure you don’t go crazy with perfumed smells, as overpowering perfume smells can be just as unpleasant as musty ones.

I would love to hear stories of how you have combated unpleasant odours at a property – what tricks have you tried, and did they work?