Where to put the clothesline

One of the age-old questions for many property owners is where to put the clothesline?

Some consider the clothesline to be one of the least attractive elements of a property, and yet there needs to be somewhere to hang the washing out.

The old hills-hoist clothesline, whilst being a backyard classic and having plenty of space to hang clothes up, also stands out and takes up a lot of space.

Many are of the belief that a clothesline is best if it’s out of sight, out of mind and there are a couple of ways a clothesline can be hidden.

Some people choose to design a utility area, near a shed or garage where a clothesline can be put up and possibly folded away too.

Another idea is to use privacy screens to hide the clothesline; growing a hedge for a clothesline to hide behind is another option too.

Fold-away washing lines are becoming increasingly popular options to place almost anywhere around the house though, and if they are put in the right place, and the colour doesn’t stand out too much, then they likely won’t attract a lot of attention.

Remember a clothesline is important to have though. While you can use a dryer instead, they use up a lot of unnecessary power and the sun is a great way of killing any bacteria on the clothes.

So where have you placed your clothesline? Are you happy with it?