The Benefits of Raingardens

Melbourne Water is currently trying to raise awareness in local communities about the benefits of building raingardens.

So what is a raingarden? A raingarden is similar to a regular garden bed, except that it is designed using layers of soil that help it absorb rainwater runoff and filter pollutants that would otherwise end up washed into our drains and waterways.

By using a raingarden we can help keep our waterways healthy and protect the animals and plants that rely on them.

Raingardens can be very cost-effective too, and because they are designed to capture water they require much less drinking water then regular garden beds.

If you want to see an example of raingarden, there are many that can be found all around Melbourne. Follow this link to the Melbourne Water website to find out where you can see some beautiful examples of raingardens.

Building a raingarden can be very easy too, and there are plenty of tips at the Melbourne Water website that can help you build an attractive, healthy and water-efficient raingarden at your property.

Once you have built your raingarden, register it at the Melbourne Water website to help encourage other residents of Melbourne to follow suit and build raingardens at their property too.