Swap Your Home Grown Goods at the Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap

In Bacchus Marsh we are very fortunate to be able to live in one of the best places in Australia for growing your own fruit and vegetables.

In fact there are a lot of local households who choose to grow their own food produce and some of them are starting to head to the Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap to share their fruit and veggies around.

The Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap runs once a month, and it is great for households who have an excess of apples, lettuce, eggs or whatever else it may be, because it means that they can swap their own goods for produce that they need or want.

Apart from swapping vegetables and other home grown produce at the Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap, people may want to head along simply to gain valuable gardening tips and tricks or just to meet some friendly people.

As stated on the Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap Facebook page, here are some other great reasons to head to the swap meetings:

– to reduce food miles
– help local people access locally grown ingredients
– provide a platform for home growers to come together and trade tips and home grown produce
– to help people access food grown with less chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides
– to create a network of independent home food producers within Bacchus Marsh and surrounds
– to meet like-minded people and make some new friends

Items such as herbs, vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, food plant seeds and seedlings can be brought along to the Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap and all leftover items are donated to The Neighbours Place in Bacchus Marsh.

The Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap is a great idea and definitely worth attending if you produce food at your home. To find out when the next Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap will be held and to stay up to date with all of their latest news, you can follow the Bacchus Marsh Produce Swap on Facebook.