Share Your Thoughts on What Needs Fixing in Bacchus Marsh

Have you heard about the Bacchus Marsh – Fit It page on Facebook? If not, then you’re about to…

The Bacchus Marsh – Fit It page, is a community page that encourages residents of the Moorabool Shire Council to talk about issues that they find in the local community.

If there are things in the Bacchus March area that you think the Council needs to fix, install or renovate, then the Fix It page provides an outlet for you to voice your opinion and discuss local opinions with others, and possibly even get the attention of the Council.

Of course if there are serious issues that need attention in your neighbourhood, the best course of action is to always let the Council know directly, so that they are made aware of the problem and can fix it as soon as possible, but the Fix It page makes for a great outlet for the kind of issues that don’t necessarily require urgent attention but would benefit the community if they were fixed.

If there are any issues in Bacchus Marsh that you would like to discuss with the Council you can contact them on (03) 5366 7100 or visit If you would like to join the discussions at the Bacchus Marsh – Fix It page you can find them at