Helping To Track Down Abandoned Trolleys

If you regularly spot abandoned trolleys around Bacchus Marsh, then you may be able to win some money by doing so if you report the trolley to Trolley Tracker.

Abandoned shopping trolleys are a nuisance and a danger to local residents when left out on the streets, and while local shopping centres employ contractors to help collect trolleys that have travelled where they shouldn’t be, it can be hard to try and track them all.

Local residents can all help reduce the amount of abandoned shopping trolleys in the neighbourhood though, by reporting them to Trolley Tracker.

To report a shopping trolley all you need to do is call 1800 641 497 to report the location of the trolley or you can enter details at

If you do report an abandoned trolley and enter your details then you will be entered into a draw to win $1,000.

If used by local residents, Trolley Tracker can help clean up our streets. So if you notice any abandoned trolleys around the Bacchus Marsh area then remember to report them – you’ll be helping out the local community and you might win some cash too!