Does Your Property Need An Instant Garden?

If you’re about to sell your property then you’re probably doing all you can to help make it as presentable as possible, and if your garden is looking bare you may be looking at creating an instant garden.
This can be done by spending money on planting mature plants in your garden – but be warned because this might not be the best investment for your property.
Big, mature plants will cost you a lot more to buy than smaller plants and while they look better when you buy them, it’s important to keep in mind that the smaller plants will grow just as big in time.
You really have to weigh up how much you think the mature plants will help add to your investment and whether people really will pay much more for your property if they see mature plants over young ones. If you just want your garden to look good, there are many ways this can be done and it may not require big, expensive plants.
If you’re not in a rush to sell, it will probably only take a couple of growing seasons before smaller plants start to blossom and they may end up looking better than the bigger plants anyway, as they have grown and learnt to adapt to your garden, rather than being used to the climate of the nursery.
If you do want larger growing plants though, then many gardeners recommend spending money on larger slow-growing plants, and saving money on the smaller plants that will grow quickly.
No matter which plants you choose to buy and grow at your property though, remember that the main thing that will count is that you look after them correctly so that they are flourishing when you have visitors over.
To find out how to care for your plants, ask for advice at your local garden nursery and they should be able to assist you with trying to choose the best plants to invest in too.