Cheap Gift Ideas in Bacchus Marsh

If you’re looking for ways to save a little money this festive season, then how about being a little more creative with the gifts you give this year?
There are plenty of affordable gift ideas out there. For example, making your own gifts is a great way to give something from the heart and yet save money too. Think about where your creative talents lie. You may be able to bake something, create an artwork or crafty gift, or perhaps put together a music or movie playlist.
It shouldn’t matter how much you spend on a person, it’s how much thought has gone into their gift. So for instance if your loved one had an iPad or computer they don’t know how to use, then you could load it up with apps or fun media for them. If you have a loved one that doesn’t know what to do with their garden, then you might like to let them borrow a spare hand for the day to help them fix it up. There are plenty of great gift ideas if you use a little imagination.  
If you’re good at bargain hunting you might also like save money on gifts by heading to Bacchus Marsh’s thrift stores. Places like the Salvation Army store have great items for sale and they come much cheaper than anything you will find in the department stores.
So this Christmas, don’t worry if you’re feeling a little strapped for cash, there are plenty of great gifts out there and they don’t need to cost a fortune. At the end of the day, Christmas shouldn’t be about the present anyway, it’s about spending time with the people that we love.
Have you got any creative or cheap gift ideas that you would like to share with other Bacchus Marsh locals?