The Christmas Countdown Begins…

Ok, ok so I know it’s only October and it’s probably too early to start talking about Christmas, but I also know that there are lots of people out there who like to plan ahead for the holiday season.
If you know yourself to be one of these early planners then you may find this blog useful, as below I have listed some of the things you should remember to do in the next couple of months, so you don’t end up stressing out and doing everything at the last minute.
Print out the below list and keep it on your fridge so you know what there is left to do, and if I’ve missed anything let me know so I can add it onto the list.
October – Make your lists…
  • If you haven’t already – decide where you will be spending Christmas Day.
  • Start budgeting! How much will you have to spend on presents, decorations and entertaining this year?
  • To help with your budgeting write down a list of all the people you plan on buying presents for or giving cards to this year.
  • Start asking people what they might like for Christmas and compile a gift list. 
  • If you will be holding parties or events leading up to Christmas, then make sure that you make reservations for any function rooms or restaurants as soon as you can.
  • If you have Christmas parties and social occasions coming up that you want to look nice for then make sure you book in your hair or beauty appointments for November and December now. 
November – Find out who’s been naughty or nice
  • Buy your Christmas cards and start sending them away.
  • Make sure that your Christmas tree and decorations are ready for December 1.
  • Start buying gifts, especially gifts that need to be ordered and may take a while to be delivered.
  • If you have children you might like to buy or make them advent calendars to use in December.
  • Decide on a menu for Christmas Day (you might need to corroborate with family members) and then order any special food items you may need such as turkeys, hams, cakes, puddings etc.
  • Start doing any house or garden work if you plan on entertaining during the festive season.
Early December – Time to get festive
  • Put up your Christmas tree and decorations.
  • Start using your advent calendars.
  • If you do Secret Santa at your workplace then buy gifts.
  • Buy Christmas party items, such as candy canes and bonbons.
  • Make sure all your Christmas cards have been sent out.
  • Buy any new outfits you want to wear for Christmas celebrations.
  • Find out what Christmas lights or carols concerts are taking place in the local neighbourhood and mark these on your calendar.
One Week Before Christmas – Don’t worry there’s still plenty of time
  • Make sure that you have ordered everything you need to online so that there is enough time for delivery.
  • Do a final check of menus and gift lists to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone or anything.
  • If you’re holding Christmas as your house then make sure you have everything you need for entertaining.
A Couple of Days Before Christmas – Still a little bit of time
  • Get any last minute gifts.
  • Make sure you have enough food and groceries to last you over the public holidays.
  • Don’t forget to get the little things like wrapping paper, sticky tape etc (making lists is a good way of keeping track of things you need to get).
  • Start wrapping Christmas presents.
  • It may be a good idea to buy emergency gifts (in case you do forget someone), such as bottles of wine, gift vouchers or lottery tickets. Buy things that you can use yourself if you don’t end up giving them away.
Christmas Eve – Last chance
  • Make sure your house is stocked up with groceries and that you have bought all of your Christmas presents.
  • Wrap all your presents.
  • Clean up the house if Christmas is being held at your place.
  • Grab a drink and chill out.
Christmas Day!!!
  • Open your gifts, enjoy good company and have a wonderful day!