Should Outdoor Smoking Be Banned in Bacchus Marsh?

The Moorabool Shire Council is considering introducing a smoking ban for outdoor public spaces after the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) proposed the idea to the State Government recently.
Some Victorian Councils have already moved forward with bans of their own, and there is a possibility that there could be a statewide ban on outdoor smoking in the near future, but the Moorabool Council may bring in a local smoking ban before a state ban is imposed.
If a smoking ban is implemented in the local area it will likely apply to areas such as children’s playgrounds and outdoor dining spaces.
While a large majority of the community would probably like to see the smoking ban in place to help limit children’s exposure to cigarettes as well as second-hand smoke, there are concerns about what the ban will mean for local businesses.
For instance many people visit beer gardens and outdoor cafes so that they can enjoy a cigarette outside, but this may no longer be allowed if an outdoor smoking ban is implemented. So would this mean that less people would want to visit these places if there was a smoking ban? Or would local residents prefer to visit outdoor dining venues if they knew that they didn’t have to worry about second-hand smoke?
There is obviously going to be members of the community on both sides of the argument and the Moorabool Council have said that they will consult the public and local traders before making a decision about implementing a local outdoor smoking ban.
But what do you think? Should outdoor smoking be banned in Bacchus Marsh?