Bacchus Marsh is all about the lifestyle

A lot of homebuyers look to Bacchus Marsh to buy a property because they are looking for a tree-change away from their busy city lives.
Moving from the city to a more suburban area is about much more than just a change of address, so I thought I’d share some of my own insights about living in suburbia.
The most obvious change that people will notice further out from the city is that it’s a lot quieter. There’s less traffic around and so it is a lot more peaceful at night.
But just because it’s a lot quieter out in suburban communities and we aren’t as fast paced as inner Melbourne, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a lot to offer couples and young families.
Sure we don’t have nightclubs and bars, but I’m sure a lot of families see this as more of a pro than a con and we still have lots of entertainment on offer in town and in surrounding suburbs.
Overall though here are the main things that you will find when you move away from the city:
  • Less Traffic – If you stay local then you will reduce travel times and you won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of city traffic.
  • More Space – The great thing about living in Bacchus Marsh is all of the space on offer. It is much easier to afford a larger home here, where you can grow with your family and have room to kick a ball around in the backyard.
  • Spare Change – Living is generally cheaper out in the suburbs. Homes cost less to buy, council rates are cheaper and you may even find that a lot of services are cheaper too!
As you can see there are many benefits from living in the “burbs” and I’ve only mentioned the most popular ones! Suburban living can be rewarding in all kinds of ways and once you live out here you’ll probably never want to leave!