Home Designs With Fido In Mind

I’m sure a few of those reading this blog will have a special cat or dog door in their home to help accommodate their beloved pet… but have you ever considered designing your home based around the specific needs of your pet?
Pets are an important part of most people’s family and so it probably comes as no surprise that more and more people are considering their furry friends when designing their homes.
Artfully shaped scratching posts; special draws for treats and leashes; or a place to dine near the rest of the family, are just some of the ideas that people are utilising in their houses to help make their pets feel more at home.
An interesting article in the NY Times explained some of the creative pet features that people are incorporating into their homes. Some pet owners want more than the regular pet toys or bowls that can be seen in most people’s homes, they want items that can be shown off and yet are still functional to keep their pets happy. Alternatively some people want to be able to put unsightly pet items such as kitty litter in a place in the home that is out-of-sight and yet still accessible for their pets.
Designing our homes to make them more pet friendly is an interesting concept, and with pets playing such an important part in many of our lives, we might be seeing more and more innovative pet designs brought into our homes in the very near future.
What do you think about the idea of designing your home to help accommodate your pets?