Stretching Your Dollar Further

Prices are going up everywhere we turn, and with news of an imminent carbon tax, it’s becoming more and more important for households to try and save money where they can.
I’m sure we can all tighten the belt in certain areas of our lives and in today’s blog I thought I would offer some tips to help you stretch your dollar further.
Here they are:
Skip the morning coffee – Well don’t skip it altogether, but if you make your coffees at home rather than buying them out you could save about $20 a week!
Recycle – I’m not talking about placing rubbish in the recycling bin, but rather reusing or repairing old items in your house. If you can’t find a use for something, or if it’s in good condition and you just don’t want it any more, you could resell it and make a bit of money.
Become energy and water efficient – Investing in energy and water saving devices in your home can help save a lot of money in the long run. With energy and water bills only going up, it’s a good idea to choose sustainable products whenever you can.
 Switch to public transport – This may not be practical for everyone, but if you can get away with it, why not sell the car and use more public transport. Car maintenance is expensive and public transport is improving around city centers, so if you don’t need a car to get around then why have the extra cost?
Think before you buy – A lot of us buy items on impulse and this can mean we miss out on great deals. If you’re after a particular item research it on the internet and find the cheapest place to buy it. By doing this you could potentially save hundreds of dollars depending on the product. 
These are just a few money saving tips – do you have any more?