An Environmentally Friendly Fireplace for Your Bacchus Marsh Home

Brrrrrr! It’s certainly feeling like winter here in Bacchus Marsh (even though we’re still in autumn) and I’m sure many locals have been waking up with their uggies and reaching straight for the heater!
Some of us though, are lucky enough to have fireplaces to curl up in front of….however the rest of us can only dream of the flickering firelight, while we rub our hands in front of our electric heaters.
Well that WAS the case, until I found out about a nifty new invention called Eco Fires which are also known as Ambience Fires, Mood Flames (and probably a whole host of other names as different companies jump on the bandwagon). It’s the fire you’re having…when you’re not having a fire!
So for those who haven’t heard about an Eco Fire, you’re probably wondering what I’m on about. Well they are essentially environmentally friendly, vent-free open fireplaces. They can be installed permanently in the home, even outdoors in fully-enclosed cases – or you can buy portable versions (like the “Mood Flames” from Dusk). They’re fuelled by bio-ethanol (which is a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products), which burns cleanly. This means no smoke and no emissions that are harmful to the environment.
So if you’re looking for a cleaner, self-contained, environmentally sound way to warm your toes this winter – then you may want to check out the website below for more information: