Why Don’t Some Properties Sell Quickly?

Sometimes properties stay on the real estate market for longer than desired and this is often caused by the same, simple reasons.

While some of the reasons why properties don’t sell are beyond our control, it’s a good idea for vendors to be aware of possible property pitfalls, to make their selling journey a little easier.
So here are some common reasons why homes don’t sell quickly:
*Pricing – Setting an accurate price for your property is vitally important. If your asking price is too high, then people will simply go and find a property just like yours only cheaper. If your property is listed too low though, then people may wonder what is wrong with it. For these reasons it’s extremely important to have an accurate property appraisal from an experienced real estate agent.
*Presentation – People are visual creatures, and so we all like being surrounded by nice looking things. If your home is messy or there are little things that need to be fixed, like dripping taps or cracked walls for example, then people might look at your property as a chore, rather then a new home they want to move into.
It’s easy to make a property look a little more presentable. Simply make sure it is clean; free of clutter and that any maintenance work has been carried out.
*Timing – As I mentioned earlier, sometimes whether or not a home sells quickly is simply out of our control. The real estate market goes through cycles, and sometimes we’re in a buyer’s market and sometimes we’re in a seller’s market.
There isn’t a lot you can do to change current market conditions, but if you are trying to sell in a buyer’s marker then it could be a good idea to wait until the market picks up, so you can get a better price for your home. Ask your real estate for advice and do some research about where the market is likely to head in the near future.
*Marketing – When your home is for sale, people need to know about it! What kind of marketing material does your real estate agent offer? A good real estate agent will be able to guide you through the different marketing options available to you, to help your home gain exposure.
Have you ever had problems selling a home? If so, why do you think it didn’t sell quickly?