Try Secret Shopping Your Agent

Secret shopping is a way for people to see whether the people working for them are doing their job to a high standard, so if you’re a seller it may be a way to make sure your agent is doing everything they can to sell your property for you.

Property sellers know there’s a lot involved when selling their home, least of all the appointment of a great real estate agent.
Once you’ve appointed an agent to sell your home, if you don’t feel that they’re doing as much as you think they should be then you may like to try sending in a secret shopper to give you an objective view on their performance as your salesperson.
Your secret shopper should let you know whether or not your agent:
* tells them everything there is to know about the property;
* points out all of the features;
* is professional and courteous;
* gets their contact information;
* asks for feedback on the property;
* demonstrates a good knowledge of the current market and local area;
* pays personal attention to them when showing them through the property;
* asks what their property needs and wants are;
* makes it easy for the secret shopper to contact them after the inspection;
* follows up with direct contact after the inspection;
* shares any personal information that you may not want shared to potential buyers (this could include things like reason for selling; where you’re living; where you’re moving to etc).
As the seller, if you’re not happy with the way your agent is selling your property then you should let them know immediately. After all if you want your property sold, then you want to make sure your agent is working for you in the right way. If you're not comfortable telling your agent, talk to the Principal about their performance so they can improve their business by providing the right training for the agent if needed.
In a tough market, it’s a lot harder to sell property, so your real estate agent should be doing all they possibly can for you to make the sale. Our team are professional and experienced and will do everything they can to sell your home, we hope you can say the same for your current agent.