Before You Leave Your Bacchus Marsh Home

Selling a home that you’ve lived in for a long time, or one that you’ve put a lot of effort into renovating and making your own can be difficult for many people. It can be hard leaving a home that you have an emotional investment in.

Deciding to sell is the biggest hurdle, but the second is actually saying goodbye to the place you’ve called home, so before you leave your Bacchus Marsh home, here are some ways in which you can try to make the process a little bit easier:
  1. Visualise your end goal – handing over the keys and moving to your new home.
  2. Start packing things sooner rather than later, it makes the job less daunting and will also help de-clutter, helping the presentation of your property and hopefully get a sale more quickly.
  3. De-personalising your home can help you disassociate yourself from the home, which may help you when it comes time to sign that contract.
  4. Prepare yourself for moving by having your family help with the packing. The more excited they are about moving, the more positive the experience will be for you all.
Leaving your Bacchus Marsh home will undoubtedly be a difficult transition, but these few ideas might help you get through the process more comfortably. What are some of the things you’ve experienced when leaving a long term home?