Saving Water At Your Bacchus Marsh Home

Western Water are doing their bit to try and reduce their impact on the environment, and a lot of households are also trying to think of ways that they can help the environment too!
One way is to help cut back on the amount of water we use and there are a number of ways that we can cut back on water use in the home.
Here are some of my ideas:
  • Use water efficient products – When you’re buying new white goods and household appliances look at their water efficiency rating. If you get the right type of water efficient dishwasher for example, you should be using less water than if you had washed dishes by hand.
  • Install water saving devices – Another way that water can be saved in the home is by installing water saving shower heads and tap aerators. If you can’t decide which product is the best, do a quick Google search and opt for the brands with the best litre to minute rates.
  • Install a rainwater tank – A rainwater tank is a great way to utilise water and it can even help add value to your piece of Bacchus Marsh real estate! The water that is collected in your rainwater tank can be used for all sorts of things, such as washing cars, topping up pools, watering the garden and much more!
  • Use drought resistant plants – If you’re sick of watering the garden then drought resistant plants can be great as they require little to no watering. Go and ask at your local garden nursery and see if there are any drought resistant plants that are suitable for your property.
Saving water isn’t hard and we can all do small things to help save water in the home. Even if you don’t make any improvements to your property, you can still be more water-conscious and do things like take shorter showers or turn off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth.
If we all start being a little more water wise than we can help our environment and our hips pockets too!
Come back to my next blog where I’ll give tips to help you cut down on your energy use!