Saving Energy At Your Bacchus Marsh Home

This week it’s all about being more sustainable in our homes and trying to think about ways that we can help reduce our impact on our precious environment.
In my last blog I gave some tips on how we can all cut down on our water use, but today I’m going to give some tips to help us save energy. So here they are:
  • Insulate – Bacchus Marsh is about to get very chilly when the winter months roll around, and generally at this time of year a lot of people turn on their heaters. But we can help keep heat in our homes by installing insulation. Insulation is also great in the summer because it can help keep the home cool too, and it also helps block out outside noise.
  • Upgrade or replace windows – Older windows could be responsible for letting that cold air in! So if you want to help keep your home warm then it could be worth installing new energy efficient windows.
  • Plant lots of trees around your Bacchus Marsh home – If you don’t want to install insulation or upgrade your windows then planting lots of trees and shrub around your Bacchus Marsh home can also help keep it warm, as they act as a natural insulator.
  • Utilise the sun’s power – Solar power is a great source of natural, clean energy for your home. Installation of solar panels and/or a solar hot water system may seem expensive, but they will help you cut down your power bills and are a great long term investment.
  • Use energy efficient products – You can help save energy simply by buying energy efficient products. So next time you go to buy an electrical appliance, look at its energy rating and consider spending a little more on the products that use less energy (they may end up saving you money in the long run).
Making small changes everyday can help you cut down on your energy use over time. So start thinking about all of the things that you can do to help you save energy. Even if you can turn off lights more or remember to turn products off at the wall instead of leaving them in standby mode. Every little bit helps, so start thinking about how you can cut down on your energy use and start making a difference.