Planning On Looking at Open Homes in Bacchus Marsh this Weekend?

For those who are more concerned with home shopping right now, rather than Christmas shopping, you probably want to view as many homes this weekend as you can. But how do you go about planning you stakeout?
Make a timetable – It might sound a little over the top, but having a detailed timetable can help you keep on top of all the homes you want to see. In your timetable write down details such as the address, price and number of bedrooms etc, so you can quickly glance at your list and prioritise which houses you want to see if you are running short of time.
Figure out what you want – Before you go inspect homes figure out the features you are looking for and make these into a checklist. When you are looking through the home tick off all the features it has and make notes to help you compare for later.
Don’t be afraid to walk away – If you go looking at homes and realise straight away that a home isn’t what you are looking for, then don’t feel the need to be polite by sticking around when you don’t want to. The time you end up saving means you might end up being able to look at more homes (that you do want) on the same day.
Take time to speak with the agent – While you shouldn’t waste time looking through a home you’re not interested in, it never hurts to have a chat with the real estate agent. They can often offer thoughtful insight into the area, and they should be able to help point you in the direction of other suitable properties in the area.
Be realistic – Looking at properties takes time, and you can’t expect to find your dream home in a day. If you start to get overwhelmed or disheartened while you are looking for your next home, then simply take a break and get back to it when you’re ready, there will be more great properties in Bacchus Marsh waiting for you when you get back into it.
Happy house hunting, and if you are trying to find open homes to go to this weekend then give me a call at Professionals Arbee Real Estate on 03 5367 2333.