Junior Masterchefs at Bacchus Marsh Primary School

It looks like Bacchus Marsh has some Junior MasterChefs of our own at Bacchus Marsh Primary School.
At the school students have been participating in Stephanie Alexander’s School Kitchen Garden Program, which teaches them how to use kitchen utensils safely and how to combine food ingredients to make delicious meals and treats.
Students in the program have even been competing in their own MasterChef challenges.
An article in the Melton Leader claims that parents and teachers have been very happy with the new skills these young chefs have been learning. Apparently a lot of kids who have attended the class now have a much better appreciation of food, and rather than dismissing meals like most young people do, they simply suggest that it might be too sweet or salty.
I personally think it is great that kids are now learning about food at such a young age, as it is so important for everyone to learn about cooking their own food and about healthy nutrition.
For anyone who is interested there has even been a recipe book put together by kitchen teacher Robyn Zanon, with the kid’s favourite recipes. The book is available from Bacchus Marsh Primary for only $8. It might even help inspire more kids to start taking an interest in food and cooking.