Halletts Way Subdivision Approved

The Moorabool Council has just approved the subdivision of land at Halletts Way in Bacchus Marsh.
The Halletts Way subdivision will help Bacchus Marsh pave the way for 129 new homes to be built in the area, but locals are a little concerned about what it might mean for existing homes.
There have been a few objections to the new subdivision and it isn’t hard to see why. Bacchus Marsh is already having problems with traffic congestion on some of our roads, and there are concerns that more houses will simply lead to more traffic.
Another issue put forward by those opposed to the subdivision is that the land is on a low lying area and there are questions about the potential for flooding.
Homeowners in the area are also worried that the new housing could affect their views and privacy.
However the new home development could be a great success if these problems are addressed. There is no question that Bacchus Marsh needs extra housing, and the Halletts Way subdivision is already located in a convenient residential location.
What do Bacchus Marsh residents think about the Halletts Way subdivision though; do you want it to go ahead?