Bacchus Marsh Post Office Snowed Under by Christmas Gifts

Christmas Day is edging closer and closer, and the local Bacchus Marsh Village post office has been experiencing an extremely hectic time, trying to deal with the high volume of cards and packages this year.
The reason given for this year’s festive madness is the increasingly high number of people ordering presents online.
The ease of online shopping is causing people to order a lot more parcels than they used to, and according to our local Bacchus Marsh Post Office it is also causing packages to increase in size.
The Melton Weekly reported that Australia Post normally processes about 700,000 objects a day; however over Christmas this number increases to more than one million!
With so much activity taking place at the Bacchus Marsh Village post office though, locals have been reminded to correctly label their packages so they end up reaching the right address.
Each year there are many items that are left undelivered either due to an incorrect address or poor packaging.
Over Christmas many people also send cards and gifts to old friends who may have moved, so if you plan on sending an item to someone you haven’t talked to in a while than it is a good idea to at least label it with a return address.
Hopefully the Bacchus Marsh post office gets through everyone’s mail before Christmas and everyone gets some nice presents delivered this year.